XY Matching Intelligence™ Tests

The first letter represents communication and the second letter represents intimacy.

High Communication High Intimacy
High Communication Low Intimacy
Low Communication High Intimacy
Low Communication Low Intimacy

The XY Matching Intelligence™ tests consist of four personality types in our four dimension model, with communication and intimacy at the core. Unlike other relationship models, ours is a needs-based model. Couples are compatible if they receive the optimum amount of communication and intimacy, not too much and not too little, based on their personality type. Too much leads to resentment, while too little causes frustration. The other two traits in our four-dimension model affect the outcome of the relationship. Adaptability scores tell whether each partner can make the adjustments necessary to adapt to the requirements of the relationship. The interactivity results tell whether a couple has what it takes to resolve conflict and settle differences successfully. How soon would each partner want to resolve an issue? Is it immediately or after some time has elapsed?

The FREE version of the test will only give you your personality type: XX, XY, YX, or YY. However, the expanded version of the test will tell you what level you are within your personality type. If you are more than one level away from your partner, you will have conflict in the relationship. The further apart you are on the scale, the more conflict you and your partner will have, due to needs not being met in the relationship.