Patent-Pending Needs-Based Model

Understanding high and low personality types.

What we've done is taken various personality traits and categorized them into two classes called "high and low" personality types. These differences in needs can pose a challenge for individuals both in their personal and professional world. Learn the difference in needs in both these personality types and teach clients how to effectively improve their relationships both at home and at work.

XY Core Dimensions™

Understanding these core dimensions are key to helping clients identify who they are and how they relate in their relationships.


One's level of communication can affect the success or failure in their relationships both in their professional and personal life. Help clients bridge the gap if they talk too much or too little.


This core dimension is crucial to helping relationships succeed. Teach clients which adjustments should be made in order to improve relationships.

Interactivity I

Conflict Resolution differences can prevent individuals from reaching reconciliation. Assist clients in pinpointing their resolution time-frame in order to achieve healthy resolutions.


Having different intimacy needs that are not being met can greatly affect relationships. Assist clients in identifying which intimate needs are most important to them and how to get those needs met.

Social Activity

Similar social activities help to keep relationships strong and bonded. Help clients ascertain the activities they both can engage in to improve bonding.

Interactivity II

Preoccupation with self-interests or gadgets, can take time away from the relationship. Show clients how to carve out time for each other in order to enrich their relationships.

XY Theory's Scientific Methodology

These disciplines help determine the root cause of problems in relationships that can prevent them from forming or growing,

and how individualized plans are implemented to help individuals reset their relationships.


The benefits of rewiring the brain and teaching the brain new experiences to improve one's self.


Genetic inheritence and negative experiences that can leave a permanent mark on the DNA.


The social and relational hormones that play different roles at different stages of a relationship.


Childhood and other experiences shape behavior that can negatively affect relationships.

Participants will be guided through the XY Relationship Management System, which was created to be used as a tool for coaching clients successfully in XY Theory.

The Jacob Research Institute follows the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics and practice of the JRI Core Competencies.