A "NO-FAULT" approach to coaching, counseling and therapy.

When we marry or enter into a relationship, we often fall in love with our partner's social personality, not realizing that there may be personality differences that may prevent us from connecting and bonding with our partner. If you're single, you can avoid this conundrum by taking the XY Personality Test and learning about yourself and how you relate inside of a relationship. For those already in a relationship or married, it's never too late. The first step is learning about you and your partner's personality differences and how to make simple adjustments to increase bonding and trust.

If you're feeling a disconnect in your relationship and need help, schedule a 30 minute FREE consultation.

If you're dating, engaged or newlyweds, you have a 10% chance of having a successful relationship and growing old with your partner. However, with XY Coaching, you can increase your chances to 90%. We never know what in our personality causes our partner to tick. With the 90/10 rule, if you and your partner are able to succesfully make adjustments early on in the relationship, you have a 90% chance of staying together. Husbands and boyfriends can confidently engage in our program.

Singles: learn how to date smarter and attract the right partner who can truly meet your needs!

Married, Dating or Engaged Couples: learn how to predict problems in the relationship before they occur and get the affection and attention you need without having to beg for it.

You may need coaching or counseling if:

• you're having trouble finding the right partner.
• you're stuck in the same dating pattern that leads to nowhere.
• you're not getting enough communication or intimacy in the relationship.
• your partner talks too much or not enough.
• you're being deprived of affection.
• you don't understand your partner's personality.
• your conflict resolution styles are different, causing unhappiness in the relationship.
• you find yourself making most of the adjustments in the relationship.

The CIA approach:

Dr. Jacob shares that personality difference and "NOT" temperament or spirituality is often the main cause of marital or relational unhappiness. Using the XY Relationship Management System, Dr. Jacob takes his clients through a 12-2tep relationshp program that produces results. Husbands and boyfriends can comfortably engage in this simple, but effective program. Utilizing the XY Match Analysis that explains your relationship strengths and growth needs, learn major research findings on how personality, genetics and hormones play in the relationship, exercise for improving communication, intimacy, learning how to adapt to your partner's needs, and effectively solve conflict.

Coaching is available via: in office ▪ skype ▪ phone ▪ internet ▪ video conferencing