Our scientific methods provide coaches with a unique niche.


All courses are taught by Research Psychologist, Dr. John Jacob. The program includes 30 hours of intensive instruction, lecture, discussion, interactive exercises, listening and goal setting techniques, role playing, group breakout sessions and homework assignments. Using XY Theory's 12 Step Relationship Management System, students will implement these tools to determine personality differentials along with using their listening and goal setting skills to effectively coach their clients to success. It is critical that students master these skills for effective coaching.


Students will follow the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. The course includes: mastering XY Theory's patent-pending "Needs-Based" model (understanding high and low personality types), implementing the "XY Core Dimensions" (communication, intimacy, adaptability, interactivity, and social activity), applying XY Theory's Scientific Methodology (neuroscience, genetics, hormones and behavior) to their coaching.


Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will have earned the XY Certified Neuro-Behavioral Coach credential. Our patent-pending "Needs-Based" model provides coaches with a relationship niche that allows them to assist clients in all personal growth areas. These include romantic relationships,family, parenting, education, business, education, health and more. After graduation, coaches continue to be mentored by Dr. Jacob and his team, so that they feel a sense of confidence when coaching their first clients.