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Did you know that your personality unconsciously affects your choices in dating and marriage? Do you find yourself having a lot in common with someone until you decide to commit to the relationship, and realize that there is a complete disconnect? You're unhappy, frustrated, and not getting your needs met. Is your partner not understanding you? This happens to a lot of couples. The reason for this phenomena, is that when you first date, you're attracted to that individual's social personality, and the hormones that would allow you to see the faults of this person, don't disappear until you're actually committed to the relationship. Our workshop takes you through the "FIVE" core dimensions (communication, intimacy, adaptability, interactivity, and social activity) to assist you in identifing the areas that you and your partner are disconnecting in and gives you the tools to tweak and make some simple adjustments in order to fix the relationship. It will help you to understand your needs and the needs of your partner. Singles will learn how to date smarter and attract the right partners, while learning to identify their own needs in a relationship.

  • Singles who want to learn about their personality type and how to stop attracting the wrong partner.
  • Dating or in a new relationship who want to get it right this time. Learn about each other's personality type so that you can start making the adjustments now to meet each other's needs.
  • Engaged and Newlyweds who want to get a jump start in their relationship. We'll introduce the 90/10 rule, which simply states that if you're able to correct the issues early on in the relationship, you hae a 90% chance of staying together. If not, your chances are reduced to 10%.
  • Married, whether 10 or 30 years, there is usually a need that's still not being met or some area in the relationship that can improve to increase bonding and happiness.

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XY Theory has changed my life. It really clarifies the compatibility factor and interaction levels. It also clarifies if the partners are committed to relationship growth or not."
Lisa, San Diego

FEBRUAY 5, 2017
More information coming soon!

The Married, (pre)Engaged, and Dating will learn:

  • - how to predict problems in the relationship before they occur.
  • - about the eight hormones that make or break your relationship.
  • - how to change your partner without him or her knowing it.
  • - how to solve problems that your partner won’t talk about.
  • - how to get your partner to communicate more (or less).
  • - how to get the affection and attention you need without having to beg for it.
  • - the keys to incredible intimacy.

Singles will learn:

  • - why you attract partners who are unwilling to commit and why it's difficult to cut your losses and walk away when they won’t.
  • - if the person you’re interested in will be a perfect match based on your personalities alone, even before going on the first date.
  • - why you date and marry using your social personality & how it can trick you into choosing the wrong partner.
  • - about the dating hormones that blind you to the faults of the other person, so that you believe that what you see is what you’ll get.

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