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Our XY Training Program focuses on the science behind relationships in both the professional and personal arena. XY Theory's "Needs-Based" model (understanding high and low personality types) and core dimensions (communication, intimacy, adaptability, interactivity, and social activity), provides graduates with the tools to help their clients at the deepest level. Using XY Theory's Scientific Methodology, we train students in the areas of personality differential, neuroscience, genetics, epigenetics, hormones, and behavior. Because our training is so unigue, XY Theory offers an alternative approach to traditional counseling and therapy and complements any vocation. Whether you're a life coach, educator, clinician, therapist, clergy or someone interested in helping others, XY Theory can be used to enhance and enrich any profession.

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July 23-25, 2017

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
25222 Redlands Blvd.,
Loma Linda, CA 92354

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So Techie Office
28 W. 39th Street, 4th Floor,
New York, NY 10018

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XY Theory has changed my life. It really clarifies the compatibility factor and interaction levels. It also clarifies if the partners are committed to relationship growth or not."
Lisa, San Diego

Neuroscience . Behavior

Genetics . Epigentics

Hormones . Personality

What is the XY Training Program?

The XY Training Program was created by Personality Research Psychologist, Dr. John Jacob. It is a "new" science-based certified neuro-behavioral coaching program incorporating neuroscience, hormones, genetics, and XY Theory's "Needs-Based" model. Dr. Jacob takes students through different stages of coaching, listening, and goal setting skills. Based on XY Theory's Scientific Methodology, students will use these tools to determine personality differentials along with using their listening and goal setting skills to productively coach their clients to success. It is critical that students master these skills for effective coaching.

Who should participate in the XY Training Program?

Life coaches, LMFTs, MFTs, LCSWs, social workers, psychologists, counselors, physicians, nurses, clergies, tutors, educators or simply someone interested in the helping profession.

What makes the XY Training Program unique?

Our "Needs-Based" model provides coaches with a relationship niche that allows them to assist clients in all personal growth areas. These include romantic relationships, business and work relationships, education, as well as parent-child relationships.

What Happens after Graduation?

After graduation, coaches continue to be mentored by Dr. Jacob and his team, so that they feel a sense of confidence when coaching their first clients.

About the XY Theory Scienitific Methodology.

The XY Theory Scientific Methodology incorporates neuroscience, genetics, epigenetics, personality differential, behavior, cognition, hormones and other disciplines to determine the root cause of the problems in marriages, relationships, parenting, business and other challenges in life, and the means to change the outcome.

What can I expect from the training?

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies
  • Students will master listening and goal setting techniques.
  • XY Theory's "Needs-Based" model (understanding high and low personality types)
  • Implementing the core dimensions (communication, intimacy, adaptability, interactivity), and effective conflict resolution techniques.
  • Research-based findings on how personality, science, genetics and hormones play a role in relationships.
  • Applying XY Theory's Scientific Methodology: personality, neuroscience, genetics, hormones, behavior and cognition to your coaching.

What does the 3-day training program entail?

The three day training program includes 30 hours of intensive instruction, lecture, discussion, media presentations, interactive exercises with listening and goal setting techniques, role playing, group breakout sessions and homework assignments.

Other courses.

The Neuro-Behavioral Coach Certification is a level 1 course. Other courses will be available in the near future. We are currently working on an XY Christian Coaching Program that will be available in the Summer 2016.

Recommended reading.

We recommend that you read the XY Theory book before participating in the XY Training program, so that you can have an understanding of the theoretical concepts.

Course materials.

Each student will receive the XY Theory book, training manual, client forms, professional and relational coaching tools, personal growth tools, and the XY Match AnalysisTM.


Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be awarded the certificate, XY Certified Neuro-Behavioral Coach.

Fees and payment.

The program cost is $675.00. All credit cards are accepted. Refer a friend, and receive $100.00 discount. Please call our office for payment arrangements. Course must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the first day of class.


If you're unable to participate in the course that you registered for, you may take the next available 3-day course.

Register online or contact our office at 800.251.3603

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