XY Theory®

A patent-pending needs-based model that measures high-low personality type.

XY Theory is the premise that we use two different personalities to interact: a social and a relational personality that affects our choices in life, sometimes unknowingly. The social personality is what we use for all social interactions, how we interact at work, at church, including dating, and the relational personality is what emerges once we’re in a committed relationship, which often is different and incompatible. Opposites attract, but they seldom connect to make the best partners in relationships. This is because we date and marry based on our social personality. Our goal is to help you take the guess work out of finding a compatible partner who can truly make you happy.. What we've done is taken various personality traits and categorized them into two classes called high and low personality types™. This allows us to identify an individual's personality inside of a relationship simply because we measure relational variables instead of social variables of a personality. Our unique approach utilizes the latest scientific research in neuroscience, genetics, hormones and behavior and how these disciplines affect our every interaction.

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XY Matching Intelligence™ Tests

Let Us Help You Find or Fix Your Forever Match!

Think about this, it’s now possible to tell whether the person you are interested in will be a perfect match based on your personalities alone. We can do this before two people go on the first date. For those already married, we can predict problems in a marriage long before they even occur and we can tell couples what they need to do specifically to avoid relationship ending conflict. Basically, we can now help couples identify the “blind spots” in their relationships. We discovered that a couple’s personality difference was the primary hindrance to bonding and resolving conflict. We've tested thousands of couples and singles worldwide, and our test instrument measures relationship personality and not the social personality that other test instruments focus on.


Our Products

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XY Books

Singles will learn how to predict a mismatch before their first date, so they’ll never have to make a wrong choice again. Couples will discover the unique needs of their personality type and how to best meet those needs to improve closeness and avoid relationship ending conflict.

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XY Consulting

We provide solutions to enable businesses to better connect with their customers to increase sales and teach industries how to match employees to positions that correspond with their personality type. Inevitably, productivity improves and overall morale spikes.

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XY Training

Become a Certified Neuro-Behavioral Coach. Whether you're a clinician, educator or life coach, XY Theory can be used to enrich any profession or enhance your private practice.  Join our 3-day program and begin using XY Theory in your profession.

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XY Workshops

A Dating Intelligence™ Workshop to help you find or fix love.  Learn how to date smarter or connect with your partner to increase bonding in your relationship based on the new science behind XY Theory.

The Jacob Research Institute

The Jacob Research Institute conducts research on personality differences and how they affect choices in life from dating to marriage and parenting, to education, career and business, and provides solutions for improving those relationships.